This site is not so much about sharing recipes but showing how to improvise on recipes found on the internet, inventing new recipes based on the contents of my refrigerator and how to re-purpose leftovers. I often start with one idea and discover I don’t have what I need for one recipe and figure out how I can change it. A few things have changed since I launched this site in 2011. We are now living in a home in Rowlett and have a much larger Kitchen.
Teri has decided to adopt the The Sanford Profile plan so I have been preparing meals that meet their requirements. We already avoid red meat but this plan requires a stricter adherence to limiting quantities, sugars, and depending on the stage, carbs and starches.
I will try to tag the recipes to stages of the plan: Reduce, Adapt and Maintain. I encourage all to try these recipes or change and make them your own. I hold no copyright on any recipe, only the photographs found on these pages.

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